Photography for digital marketingPhotography Is The First Impression

Whether browsing restaurants to make sure it has a romantic feel, or checking out a hair salon to see if it’s modern, photos are the first thing people notice when they look at your website.

Poor quality images hint at a lack of professionalism and establishment. For businesses in the Boston, MA area and South Shore, I can take high-resolution images of your business and the people working there.

And even poor quality cellphone images may be useful, the key is expert Photoshop. For example there may be a beautiful image of your business with low resolution and bad lighting. But even a professional camera won’t beat this image if it’s storming outside on the day of the photo shoot.


I try not to use my powers for evil, but I can photoshop nearly anything you request. I mostly use this ability as a gift to help people who lost a loved one, and the only images they have of him or her are poor quality. I also touch up cellphone pictures from guests at weddings. I can use this for your business if the images would be perfect, if it weren’t for the overflowing trash bucket in the background.

Some Examples:
In these examples, the version on the right was created from the actual version, which is on the left.

Photoshop digital marketing example
Photoshop digital marketing example


Every business is unique.
Your business needs are unique too.

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