Mikaela Slaney

I love to make things beautiful, not from my own perspective, but from yours. I once had someone ask me about my aesthetic and I explained my aesthetic isn’t really the point. When I develop branding and layout, I do it from the perspective of each business I can represent.

Marketing certified and trained

An elementary school will have dramatically different branding than a law firm, which will have dramatically different branding from a Mexican restaurant. The key is to evolve with each build, but do it in a way that is the best reflection of that business, and standards that assure the business will earn and keep new clients. To do this, I use SEO Optimization, which allows for increased ranking on Google, easily accessible buttons and contact forms, so people will call and access your services, and proper UX/UI designed layout that allows viewers to easily navigate around your website.


Every business is unique.
Your business needs are unique too.

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